Fundraiser 2021

Welcome to Court Space’s Spring fundraiser. Through this effort we are seeking support to sustain art practices rooted in critical consciousness, play, and liberatory citizenship. From March 6 – April 2, 2021 we will be auctioning works from the following artists:

Joshua Abelow
Alex Chaves

Sessa Englund
Ina Gerken
Thomas Øvlisen

*Click on an artist’s name to place a bid and view work

Court Space initially started as a program focused on sport courts. From 2019 – 2020 we hosted multiple exhibitions in public courts without permission from local city government. We gradually discovered a practice rooted in emancipatory conceptualism and art as trans-disciplinary cognitive methodology.

Our goal in fundraising is to focus Court Space’s programming to encourage experimental civic practices in public space. Adjacent to this effort, we desire to expand into a physical gallery specializing in the metaphysics of objects. This separate project will bear the name American Object.

Read an in-depth conversation about these recent progressions here:
A Relationship with Play: Joseph Hart and Ezequiel Olvera in conversation

You can also support Court Space by making a donation or by purchasing a limited edition Tennis Daddy bucket hat below

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